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So I just ordered some sushi... Transformers

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 5:00 PM

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(Read this entry with Marshall's voice from HIMYM in mind. It's funnier.)
Yup, that's about the gist of it. Transforming sushi pieces. Sushi that transforms into small robots and fight each other. They're not part of the Transformers brand, but they do look the part. Well, if the AllSpark where to have brought food to life instead of various kitchen appliances, a cellphone or a Mountain Dew vending machine. ;)

The line is called Osushi Sentai Shirada, and the three I ordered are essentially the same blocky robots with fish-shaped shields attached to them but they are weird, and I like weird. :nod: (Hey, I have a soft spot for the Armada Side Swipe mold; yeah, I'm that special kind of weird.) Of the selection offered by BBTS, I ordered Ebisu, Saiban and (pre-ordered) Hachisu. I would have ordered others, but you know, so-called important things like "paying rent" and "purchasing food" get in the way. Pffff.... Roll Eyes 

Seriously, who purchases food anymore? And rent? Ha!

What? Oh, "capitalist society" you say? Need to have a roof to keep job to get more stuff?! And food factors in where...? Ah. Yes, well, that does help. Alright, fine. Whatever. Grump

Anyway. I'd like to take the opportunity to publicly thank soy-monk for helping me find an alternative to my PhotoShop-going-dead dilemma: GIMP! It's a bit daunting having to relearn everything I knew how to make in PS using GIMP instead, but it's coming along quite nicely. Thanks to yah, buddy! Hi! I salute you! Ahooooy Matey!

You all go see his work now! It's amazing! :nod: Clap La la la la :happybounce: 

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Gone today. Elsewhere tomorrow.
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I Speak French by ClockworkStampsJe suis un québécois juste assez bizarroïde qui, de temps à autre, se retrouve avec trop de temps libres et un débordement d'imagination généralement trop important pour ma propre santé mentale; le tout se terminant généralement par la genèse de petits dessins reproduisant des personnages de bonhommes animés. Ou bien quelconque autre lubie du moment qui me passe par la tête. Ouais... ^^;

Si quelqu'un réussit à comprendre la personne que je suis, il/elle obtiendra un biscuit pour son travail. :cookie: En admettant que quelqu'un n'aille mieux à faire avec les vingt prochaines années de sa vie. Petit rappel, il se pourrait que le biscuit ne soit plus très frais rendu à ce point là. Juste comme ça en passant. Hé hé. :D


I Speak English by ClockworkStampsI'm just this Quebecer guy who, once in a while, gets to have to much time on his hands, always has way to much imagination for his own good and nothing better to do with all of it other than create miniature replicas of cartoon characters. Or whatever spur of the moment thing my brain latches on to. Yeah... ^^;

If you can figure me out you get a cookie. :cookie: That is, if you have twenty years in front of you and nothing better to do with 'em. Incidentally, the cookie might have gone stale by then. Just a thought. Heh. :D



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:llama:  Captain Jean-Luc Picard by ZacAvalanche
Dragobyte Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the information about sushi-formers!
GojiraFan96 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
As a *considerably* less experienced TF pixelist, I gotta ask a question about a problem i run into a lot- do you ever completely finish a sprite, and then realize it is much too big for the toy/character it represents? Maybe it's just my lack of planing ahead, but usually if this happens, I have to copy said sprite into MS word (to more steadily minimize it then paint allows) and then paste it back into paint. I was just curious if you ran into this problem too, and if you knew of any G1 and/or Unicron Trilogy Size Charts. Thanks A million, Goji 
SigmaCore Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No, not in many, many years. I use a size class based system for my sprites, and have now for years transposed existing toy size classes onto my sprite size classes. Only some characters I automatically do in specific size classes whatever the original toy size (Generation Laser Prime I did as a 'mega-sized' sprite even though it should have been a 'deluxe/standard' one. MS Word? Never used it.

As for charts, I have no idea if any exist outside of what Google returns for G1. UT stuff seems a tad more difficult to find. My suggestion: make your own chart on what seems and looks good to you through trial and error and go with that. That's what I did over time.
GojiraFan96 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
Thanks for the help man! Uber helpful as always! :D
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