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Insignia - Autobot by SigmaCore Location - Earth by SigmaCore Location - Cybertron by SigmaCore
Sub-group: Dinobots
Function: Flamethrower
Motto: "I have no need for friends, even less for enemies."

Profile: "Slag is enormously strong, disruptive, and just plain mean-spirited and often brawls with his comrades... which is why they seldom help him when he's in trouble. Despite his nasty, rash personality, he does share their dislike for authority. His mouth shoots 3000 degrees Celcius flames up to 80 feet and he enjoys melting enemies into pools of liquid metal. He isn't too bright and likes shattering brick buildings with his head, he also uses an electron blaster in Dinobot Mode."

Slag is my second most favorite of the Dinobots and the only one I have two different versions of, namely the G1 red variant that saw limited release in Canada back in 1985 and the silver G2 version. The reason for this is that I had lost (or it was stolen, I never really found out which exactly) the original my parents had bought me, and when G2 came out and I saw they re-released Slag, I nabbed him up right away. The red variant was more of a no-brain decision on my part to have the most 'toon looking version as possible, hence me being broke for several weeks after I received him by mail. Still, never regretted the decision. Even less now that I have the Dreamwave poster in my office, opposite the plexi case where my Dinobots great anyone coming into the room with their weapons raised. Heh.

:pencil:: I used Grimlock as a reference to keep the proportions straight. Slag, like Snarl and Swoop, has two versions for his G1 self. One more cartoon-like, the other more toy looking, which uses black instead of red and white for the head and upper legs.

:bulletblue: The Generation 1 versions of the Dinobots are: Grimlock/Grimlock -AM-, Slag, Sludge, Snarl/Snarl -AM- and Swoop.
:bulletblue: The toy versions of these five can be seen here: Grimlock -Toy-, Slag -Toy-, Sludge -Toy-, Snarl -Toy- and Swoop -Toy-.
:bulletblue: The G2 iteration of the Dinobots are: G2 Grimlock/Grimlock -Turquoise-/Grimlock -Proto- , G2 Slag/Slag -Red-, G2 Sludge, G2 Snarl/Snarl -Green- and G2 Swoop.

:bulletred: The original G1 Slag mold and toy designs are © Hasbro and TakaraTomy.
:bulletred: Pixel art model is made by and © copyright to me, SigmaCore, and cannot be used, reproduced, recolored or otherwise modified in any way. Period. Doing so is at your own risk and peril. For more info, go read this little factoid in the FAQ section. Thanks.
BlueProwl Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
YEAH!! Here is Slag! I remember he is the one who is very grouchy.
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April 13, 2008
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